Counseling & Wellness

Counseling & Wellness

KCU offers students 24/7 off-campus emergency psychiatric and counseling services along with on-campus, full-time psychologists.

Your emotional wellness and mental health is a priority for our faculty, administration and staff. 

In the ongoing effort to meet your needs, we've created a multifaceted approach to mental health, wellness and academic support. We encourage you to take advantage of these services, secure in the knowledge that counseling referrals and sessions are confidential and are not recorded in your file. 

Our counseling and wellness services include: 

  • Full-time psychologists available for individual, couples and group therapy on both campuses 
  • 24/7 off-campus emergency psychiatric and counseling services 
  • The New Directions program, a free and confidential counseling service available to you and your family
    • Contact New Directions directly at 1-800-624-5544 or 816-237-2352 or 
  • Continuous monitoring of academic performance by a committee of psychologists, learning specialists, student services specialists, academic specialists and advisors. This committee tracks and trends student academic performance and provides counseling and tutoring interventions to help struggling students  
  • Faculty advisors 
  • A non-faculty contract psychiatrist  
  • Student big brother/big sister advisors
  • Panels for you and your spouse/significant other on how to transition and cope with medical school 
  • A wellness week, including programs in mindfulness, emotional wellness and nutrition 
  • Wellness seminars offered throughout the semester, including classes in stress reduction, coping skills and test anxiety 
  • Intramural activities and a student gym to promote wellness 

KCU-Kansas City Contacts 

James Dugan, PhD 
Director of Counseling and Support Services 
Office: 816-654-7219 
Smith Hall 320 

Beth Epley, PsyD 
Office: 816-654-7223 
Smith Hall 200 

Dr. Dugan and Dr. Epley are licensed counselors who are bound by confidentiality standards set by their licensing organization(s).

KCU-Joplin Contact

Brandi Norman, PsyD
Office: 417-208-0731
Student Services Wing, Room 1621 

Caitlin Overfelt, Ed.S, LPC
Campus Counselor
Office: 417-208-0743
Student Services Wing, Room 1616

Dr. Norman and Mrs. Overfelt are licensed counselors who are bound by confidentiality standards set by their licensing organization(s).